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Kent In Black Petrs


 26.07.1998 - 5.10.2009

Kent In Black Petrs ~ Kent

PKR VIII-6156, Nr.Rej. 20313/II/98


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Kent was born in the Czech Republic, in the Petr Studenik?s kennel Black Petrs. which is well known in whole Europe. A lot of excellent dogs and bitches, winners of titles: Interchampion, Club Winner, Champion of Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Germany, Austria as well as Europe winner and World Winner come from that kennel.

Cockers with the pedigree name ?Black Petrs? have excellent appearance, type, temperament and behaviour. Kent is just like his relatives. He is an impressive dog with a beautiful head, strong bones, excellent proportions, great type and strong, well balanced character. All these features are appreciated by both Polish and foreign judges and that let Kent win the titles of: Interchampion, Polish Jr. Champion, Champion of Poland, Czech and Slovakia, Junior Club Winner 1999, Club Winner 2000 and 2002 and many others. He's also a working class dog, that has finished field competitions - and gained the first degree diploma, collecting 86/100 points.

Kent has proved his abilities as a sire. He strongly transmites his features to his progeny as well as golden, orange and black coat colour.

He gives healthy and aligend offspring;-)

Kent was examined on:

dysplasia HD/HIPS C, 
OptiGen A / Normal. Whis means, that he will never transfer these diseases on his children.
PRA, RD, Cat / ( free from hereditary diseases of eyes ) - eye test 2005.09.17 & 2008.02.24
EKG i echocardiogram ( heart without changes ) 2005.09.17 & 2008.03.02
DNA FN / Normal - healthy kidney. Whis means, that he will never transfer these diseases on his children.


International Dog Show Crakow (PL) Judge: Yochai Barak (IL)

KENT IN Black Petrs - Excellent I, The Best Veteran

Kent has had for the last time in his career participated in the exhibition, which became the well-deserved retirement. I am glad that he brought me so much joy at the Dog Shows in the country as well as abroad.

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Kent w plenerze

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