Margaret's Pride

english cocker spaniel


Our breeding isn't very big. Dogs are a family members- they live with us, not next to us. 
We love and respect them. Spending every day and almost all our spare time together. 

To our breeding the priorities are: health, character and exterior!!!
Our dogs are members of the family. They live in our house, and if there's a possibility they also accompany us on vacation. We reproduce animals that are examined, and own current certificates proving health of :

*Hip joints - dysplasia (x-rays)
*Eyes- PRA (genetical test OptiGen + clinical annual examination ), PRA, RD, Cat (clinical annual examination)
*Kidneys - Familial Nephropathy (genetical test )
*Heart- cardiomyopathy (electrocardiography, echocardiography,clinical examination)

We breed rarely, paying attention to select the breeding pair carefully.
Bitches doesn't have more than 3 litters during their life, nor more often than once in eighteen months. 
Our offspring are only pedigree puppies! 

One of the reasons people buy a puppy is their desire to have a psychical bond with an animal. A bond, that will be as strong as making a dog an integral part of the family. For good or bad. Our puppy should be surrounded with care and love. An owner, should also be aware of the amount of time needed to be spend on animal. It's best when it occurs during an active time out. 
Cocker Spaniel is a wonderful companion for a long walks, smart and even- tempered dog, who needs a lot of attention from its owner. His passion for hunting might give a lot of joy if its well- developed. It's a very demanding breed! Loneliness or idleness are out of the question.
This dog must have responsible owners, aware of his needs and in return he'll get an unconditional trust and love from our little one.

It is worth to think twice, are ready for this?

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