Margaret's Pride

english cocker spaniel



We have puppies!


We are excited to announce that Fay Margaret’s Pride is due in the fourth week of June 2021.

The father of the puppies comes from Russia, he has a wonderful character and is a perfect match for our girl. We hope that children will inherit the best traits from their parents.

Everyone who are waiting for a puppy will be notified by e-mail after the birth. However, please be patient, because during the first few days we’re completely focused on the puppies and their mother :)

More information about the parents below.




Pedigree of puppies


We have a few days


RUS IRENE'S SUN DREAMER - Timek Int.Ch. FAY Margaret's Pride - Fay
RUS IRENE'S SUN DREAMER Int.Ch. FAY Margaret's Pride
RUS IRENE'S SUN DREAMER Int.Ch. FAY Margaret's Pride
prcd PRA - B, FN - clear, AMS - clear prcd PRA - clear, FN - clear, AON - clear
HD-A, ED 0/0
PRA, PPM, CAT - eyes clear

We all know that dogs are not just a pet, but a true members of the family.

We go above and beyond minimal health testing. Our breeding program includes: hip joints - dysplasia (x-rays), eyes - PRA (genetical test OptiGen + clinical annual examination ), RD, Cat (clinical annual examination), kidneys - Familial Nephropathy (genetical test), AON - Adult onset neuropathy, AMS - Acral mutilation syndrome, heart- cardiomyopathy (electrocardiography, echocardiography, clinical examination) tests.  

Our priorities are: health, character and exterior. All our puppies do come with a contract, microchip, shots up to date , EU passport and pedigree.

We breed rarely, paying attention to select the breeding pair carefully. Our breeding dogs must be friendly, stable and healthy. In our philosophy quality to standard are equally important.

Cocker Spaniels are a wonderful companion, but also a very demanding breed. Loneliness or idleness are out of the question. They must have responsible owners, aware of their needs.



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