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Therapeutic dog

DOG THERAPY (Kynotherapy) is a method of utilizing suitably and adequately trained dogs for the rehabilitation of handicapped persons as well as giving outstanding results in the therapy connected with the single and elderly.
Elderly people thanks to the canine contact forgot about their loneliness. They have someone to cuddle up to, laugh remember old times and even cry out their tears of sadness into its furry coat.

A dog gives them joy, happiness and strength. Dogtherapy- is practically suitable for everyone including adults and children.

Dogtherapy is one of the most original and natural forms of rehabilitation. Research results show the beneficial influence a dog has with the health and psychological state of a person. 
In our country (dogtherapy) has only been present for the last few years.

For (dogtherapy) a variety of breeds are suitable. However the most common are: Labrador Retriever, Golden Retriever and Alaskan Malamute. 
The dog should conform to specified requirements- should be appropriately trained, obedient, gentle, healthy clean, tolerant, self- confident, accepting stranger and also liking petting and caressing, loving and keen to cooperate.


The therapeutic effects of dogtherapy vary according to the degree of disability of the child. The basic object of the first lesson with the dog is to give the child an initial feeling of you by way of mere contact which is then systematically increased by duration of training time.

The dog compensates, in some sense, for the lack of contact with children of their own age. This is indeed a superb and wonderful four- legged therapist.
Contrary to popular belief the Cocker Spaniel can perform such a ''fiction''. Our Blow attempted her competence and abilities at dogtherapy and very professionally carried out her duties and relation with children- in fact she went completely overboard with them and when they see her they are similarly overjoyed. She participated in many meetings with children in this school day- room in NiepoĊ‚omice. This was great fun for the both the dog and it's owner, not forgetting the children who participated in the meeting. 
Its really worth trying.

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